Meet the MEMTRAIN project!

The inspiration for GOAL, apart from alarming statistics on population health, was also the project entitled MEMTRAIN: Memory Training for Older Adults (55+) Linking Physical Exercise and Brain Training to Promote Healthy Ageing , that was aimed to share knowledge and expertise of professional sports trainers, brain trainers, scientists, psychologists and experts in safety in sports in order to create a professional training manual which will be used to promote the healthy ageing of older adults, specifically those aged 55+.

The manual is focused not only on sports, but on physical activity combined with brain activity which is a combination proven to enhance the health statut of the seniors for higher quality of life and also for a possible better inclusion to the labour market.

The manual is accompanied by instructional videos available on youtube channel. They present: Zumba, Adapted Physical Activity, Nordic Walking,  Athletics and Memory Games.

More information about its outputs are here:



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