“Take advantage of every opportunity – don’t just sit in the house”

Who can tell about ageing more than seniors? Their knowledge and experience are really precious so we should listen to them and take their advice to our hearts!

Below we present an interview with Pam Zeldin, 94, from Manchester  made by The Guardian.:

“I live with my sister Nora, who is 98, and we look after each other. Ten years ago her husband died and both her daughters were living in France at the time, so I said she could come and stay with me. We have always got on very well, and work as a team. We do all our own housework and have a chap who comes to tend to the garden. We clean the house together – she does the upstairs and I do downstairs. She cooks, and I do everything I can to help. My main advice for people who want to live to a good age is to look after your health and live moderately. Also, get enough sleep, and don’t drink to excess – that said, Nora does enjoy a little G&T in the evenings!

When I retired, I joined a local choir and the Townswomen’s Guild. Getting involved in the community is really important as you get older because it broadens your social circle and your interests. I have always tried to get out a lot. I have two daughters, one of whom lives very nearby, so she often gives us a lift, or we’ll get a taxi. She also takes us on trips to places nearby, which we really enjoy. I have a scooter which comes in very handy and we have a little push trolley for when we go shopping. We also go to the cinema and the theatre, and on coach trips around the country. We go to the library and get our medicines delivered. We can’t go too far but we manage just fine.

I have learned that tolerance and routine is good. And to look after yourself and stay as active as possible. Being in your 90s is not as fun as other ages because you’re not as active, and your mobility is restricted. But you have to learn to cope as best you can. We have visitors – my other granddaughter who lives in London has come to Manchester University, so I am here for her at any time. It’s wonderful having grandchildren in the family.

What would I tell my younger self? I think I’ve done ok, but I would say, start as early as you can to make yourself financially stable for when you get older, so that you don’t have to worry. Take advantage of every opportunity – don’t just sit in the house. Also, travel as much as you possibly can – see the world, live well, take care of yourself. But don’t take things too seriously – it’s important to have lots of fun along the way too.”

Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2017/feb/23/90-year-olds-avoid-stress-be-useful-long-happy-life

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