Inspiring workshops in Gdynia!

18 people (nutritionists, sport trainers, teachers, volunteers) from 5 countries met in Gdynia to raise their knowledge, strenghten competences and improve skills in working WITH and FOR seniors. During few days (2-7 February 2020) they discussed topics connected with seniors’ care services:

  • education,
  • physical activity,
  • nutrition,
  • volunteering,
  • memory training,
  • communication,
  • social care.

Day by day these enthusiasts from Portugal, Sweden, Romania, Slovenia and Poland worked hard to learn how to make seniors’ lives easier and better. They also shared their wide knowledge and experience to create the best methods of working with older people.

These 5-day workshops were full of inspirations, new ideas and deep reflection about aging. All participants went home with one mission: do their best to help seniors in all areas of their lives!