Few words about Good Practice Guide…

One of the project’s aim was to create a material that will help people who work with and for seniors to improve their competences and make seniors’ lives better . The guide is also dedicated to older people who can get knowledge and motivation to go out from their homes, meet with friends, become a student, start doing sport and eat healthy. Specialists from 5 countries have worked for several months on the good practice guide to present in the best way practical information. This material coveres topics related to seniors’ care services such as:

  • Physical activity,
  • Nutrition,
  • Volunteering,
  • Education,
  • Memory training.

The guide has been divided into chapters focused on the most important aspects of seniors’ lives and includs advices, tips, proper habits and best practices. This guide will be helpful in keeping up the good habits in seniors’ lives or changing the old habits into new, better ones.

This Guide is a tool for anybody who would like to make seniors’ lives better!

You are welcome to read it and use this knowledge!

Good Practice Guide: https://goal-erasmusplus.eu/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/Good-Practice-Guide-ENG.pdf