Communication is a skill that you can learn!

“Communication is a skill that can be learned. It’s like riding a bike or typing. If you only work on it, you can improve the quality of every part of your life very quickly. ” (Brian Tracy). Besides improving the quality of your life you can improve the quality of other – close to you – people’ life.

Age-related health problems can present a barrier to effective communication. Chronic conditions, such as dementia and hearing loss, as well as the effects of medication can complicate conversations and understanding. During periods of diminished lucidity, interactions can create a frustrating and seemingly helpless experience. However, there are techniques you can use to help facilitate interaction with older adults to create a communication-friendly environment.

Project partners’ recorded instructional videos:

“How to communicate with seniors'”


” How to talk to a senior about health “,

which contain simple tips that can help you to get communication skills.

Feel free to watch and learn:)