Best practices – volunteering!

One of the best practices that has been successfuly implemented in Slovenia by our partner – Ljudska univerza Rogaska Slatina – is engaging seniors as volunteers to conduct different classes for seniors.

Older people have wide knowledge and huge experience, they are specialists in different areas and they have hobbies they want to share. Engaging in this type of volunteering brings a lot of benefits for the senior but also for the older audience who can strongly identify with the „teacher”. Retired people may feel needed again, they can find a sense of their life and above that encourage their peers to learn, to discover new thing or just to go out from home.

LURS „hires” older volunteers and let them organise meetings for seniors. Anton and Bernard are engaged, creative and positive volunteers who we should take an example. Anton runs sport classes for seniors cause he wants to be healthy but also wants other people to be more active. He is an expert in Nordic Walking so he takes his attendees for long walks at fresh air. Bernard is a retired policeman whose hobby is nothing else but … cooking. He wants to teach seniors how to cook tasty and healthy so he conducts culinary workshops. „I want to share my passion with others and because I have a lot of free time I decided to organise this workshops. There is nothing better than seeing people happy” said Bernard.

During pandemia Bernard organises culinary classes with his group online.

See how it looks like:)