Nordic Walking – a way for an active autumn!

Nordic Walking is a physical activity involving the whole body. The movement is very natural and moderate effort therfore everyone can cultivate it. Learning doesn’t take long and you can start right away.

The form of walking with the activation of the upper body has many advantages and is especially recommended for people who are just starting their adventure with sport and is also recommended for seniors. So it is no surprise that Nordic Walking is so popular and cultivated on a mass scale, especially since it is freely available – all you need is a pair of poles and enthusiasm for work.

The benefits of this sport include: improvement of efficiency, circulation, improvement of the whole body and a visible improvement in physical condition.

The social aspect is also important. Nordic Walking is an ideal way to spend time with friends or a place to meet new people.

The upcoming autumn is the perfect time of the year to start your adventure with this beautiful discipline.