How to deal with depression in fall season? Outdoor activities!

In times of the coronavirus epidemic, practicing physical activity is much more difficult. The best and safest option is to train outdoor keeping safe distance from other people.

Running in the field meets both of these conditions and has very positive effect on our health. First of all, it reduces the risk of heart disease and, through better blood supply, strengthens joints and bones.

There is no need to convince anyone that apart from the beneficial effects on our health, running has a positive effect on our well-being. During exercise, endorphins are produced, which very quickly reduce the level of stress that appears in our everyday life. This is not the only advantage, because the “side effect” is burning excess calories and improving the appearance of our figure, which has a very positive effect on our self-esteem, and this adds confidence, which we so often lack during autumn and winter seasons.

For people who are just starting their adventure with physical activity, or returning to it after a break, long walks or jogging are recommended at the beginning, which are propose as an introduction to running training.

And for those looking for excuses, we would like to remind you:

There is no bad weather, there are only bad clothes .