What is your passion?

Sport, cinema, art, books, music … Passion gives a sense of fulfillment, happiness and the awareness of the implementation of ideas. It also gives a chance to find inner peace and share it with others.

A retired seniors do not have to be bored. Even if so far the only sense and driving force were the relatives: family, granddaughters, maybe it’s time to reverse the proportions and start making dreams come true?

Passions are activities that not only release energy, joy and fulfillment. After all, you don’t need a lot of resources to start crocheting again, create pottery or revive your home garden.

Passion cannot be valued. A long-distance experience at the desert edge of the Sahara desert will be a fulfillment only for true enthusiasts of long-distance travels, while other seniors, admirers of native beauty, will choose a canoeing trip on the Dunajec or a quiet rest on their own plot.

So no matter if seniors are going to collect beloved author’s books or organize an orangery on the terrace of the garden, passion pushes to act and action, refreshes and gives strength, after all, nothing is as happy as the possibility of realizing, especially such a dream that has been waiting for a long time.

Passion – an ally of health

Passions help fighting disease. A moment of oblivion and the often overwhelming problems of everyday life disappear with each new bud of a grown plant, a page of a book, a well-trodden path on a mountain trail.

Passion pulls out of home

Hobby, no matter what it is, is a value in itself that enriches not only the enthusiasts, but also their loved ones, the environment and newly met people. A joint march of dachshunds or a rally of car model enthusiasts is a great idea for finding new friends, refreshing the fear of friendship, enriching experiences, deepening the passion and, above all, effective motivation to leave the house.

Proud enthusiasts infect others with their hobbies, and those others are just noticing that it is worth getting involved and starting to act.