Active Senior Day in Gdynia

Yesterday 21st January 2019, seniors from Gdynia celebrated their special day – Grandma and Grandpa Day – in a very active way!

Several hundred enthusiasts of a healthy lifestyle took part in fifth edition of the Active Senior Day organised by Gdynia Sports Centre. Seniors showed their great physical condition through their participation in fitness and dance classes run by professional trainers.

Not only sports activities were prepared for seniors, but also workshop called Psychology of color, which will explain how the choice of colors affects our emotionality and what colors speak about ourselves.

– We know how important physical condition for seniors is. Therefore, this year, just like in the previous years, we prepared not only sports activities, but also meetings with health professionals and exercises of the body and mind – says Rafał Klajnert, director of Gdynia Sports Center. – We have invited to cooperation institutions such as: Experyment Science Center, SWPS University, U7 Center and Ciapkowo – he adds.

Seniors could get to know how they should take care of their physical condition, listen about positive aspects about walking with dogs, play bowling and strain mind during art classes.

Project GOAL has its own area during the event. Participants could get to know its main objectives, activities but also take a Physical Activity Diary that (we hope) will motivate them to be more active!

Thank you for your great attention and see you next year!

Dzień Aktywnego Seniora || fot. Dawid Linkowski || GCS
Dzień Aktywnego Seniora || fot. Dawid Linkowski || GCS
Dzień Aktywnego Seniora || fot. Dawid Linkowski || GCS
Dzień Aktywnego Seniora || fot. Dawid Linkowski || GCS
Dzień Aktywnego Seniora || fot. Dawid Linkowski || GCS
Dzień Aktywnego Seniora || fot. Dawid Linkowski || GCS

Meet the MEMTRAIN project!

The inspiration for GOAL, apart from alarming statistics on population health, was also the project entitled MEMTRAIN: Memory Training for Older Adults (55+) Linking Physical Exercise and Brain Training to Promote Healthy Ageing , that was aimed to share knowledge and expertise of professional sports trainers, brain trainers, scientists, psychologists and experts in safety in sports in order to create a professional training manual which will be used to promote the healthy ageing of older adults, specifically those aged 55+.

The manual is focused not only on sports, but on physical activity combined with brain activity which is a combination proven to enhance the health statut of the seniors for higher quality of life and also for a possible better inclusion to the labour market.

The manual is accompanied by instructional videos available on youtube channel. They present: Zumba, Adapted Physical Activity, Nordic Walking,  Athletics and Memory Games.

More information about its outputs are here:



What’s going on in GOAL

Project GOAL: „Go Out And Live – creating conditions conductive to maintaining the highest quality of seniors’ lives” has started on 1st November and during 18 months will be focused on finding solution how to enrich standards of care services for elderly.

As a result of work of the international project team, there will be created a good practice guide, an instructional video which will show how to communicate with older people but also the offer for seniors will be raised.

In the first months of the project, partners will focus primarily on project’s dissemination by organising meetings with co-workers and stakeholders aimed at familiarizing them with project’s objectives and results and presenting the project during conferences but also on gathering data for educational materials and preparing first kick-off meeting that will be held in Gdynia at the end of January 2019.