Partners of the project GOAL will create material results such as:

  • Good practice guide.
  • Instructional video „How to communicate with older people”
  • Educational material

that will be available for download here.

Good Practice Guide:

  1. English: Good Practice Guide ENG
  2. Polish: Podręcznik dobrych praktyk PL
  3. Sweedish: Praktisk Guide SE
  4. Romanian: Good Practice Guide RO
  5. Portuguese: Good Practice Guide PT
  6. Slovenian: Priročnik SI




Educational materials:

  1. Mobility Circuit: https://www.facebook.com/goalerasmusplus/videos/191118098811984/
  2. Sport exercises: Seniors, be active!
  3. Goal Mobility: GOAL MOBILITY
  4. Physical activity at home: Physical activity at home

Physical Activity Diary:

  1. Physical Activity Diary (PL):  Dziennik_aktywności_calosc
  2. Physical Activity Diary (SE): Goal_dagbok_SE